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This Springer book series – Informed Decisionmaking for Sustainability – offers a roadmap for humankind to address issues, impacts and resources within, across and beyond the boundaries of nations.  Informed decisions operate across a ‘continuum of urgencies,’ extending from security time scales (mitigating risks of political, economic or cultural instabilities that are immediate) to sustainability time scales (balancing economic prosperity, societal well-being and environmental protection across generations) for nations, peoples and our world.  Moreover, informed decisions involve governance mechanisms (laws, agreements and policies as well as regulatory strategies, including insurance, at diverse jurisdictional levels) and built infrastructure (fixed, mobile and other assets, including communication, research, observing, information and other systems that entail technology plus investment), which further require close coupling to achieve progress with sustainability.  International, interdisciplinary and inclusive (holistic) engagement in this book series involves decisionmakers and thought leaders from government, business, academia and society at large to reveal lessons about common-interest building that promote cooperation and prevent conflict.  The three initial volumes utilize the high north as a case study, recognizing that we are entering a globally significant period of trillion-dollar investment in the new Arctic Ocean.  Additional case studies are welcome and will be included in the book series subsequently.  Throughout, to be holistic, science is characterized as ‘the study of change’ to include natural sciences, social sciences and Indigenous knowledge, all of which reveal trends, patterns and processes (albeit with different methods) that become the bases for decisions.  The goal of this book series is to apply, train and refine science diplomacy as an holistic process, involving informed decisionmaking to balance national interests and common interests for the benefit of all on Earth across generations.

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  • Paul Arthur Berkman,
  • Alexander N. Vylegzhanin,
  • Oran R. Young

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