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New & Forthcoming Titles | Livestock Diseases and Management

Livestock Diseases and Management

Livestock Diseases and Management

Series Ed.: Malik, Yashpal Singh

ISSN: 2662-4346

‚ÄčThis book series discusses the various infectious diseases affecting the livestock, principle of the disease control, and specific disease management. It discusses the existing strategies to control infectious disease includes animal management programs, vaccination, targeted antimicrobial use, and food hygiene.
Despite public health and veterinary public health improvement within the last century, animal populations remain vulnerable to health threats caused by infectious diseases.
It reviews the current understanding of the zoonotic, emerging, and transboundary animal infections in relation to their transmission, epidemiology, clinical and pathological effects, diagnosis and treatment.
It also examines the recent advancements in the veterinary diagnostics including the existing capabilities, constraints, opportunities, and future potentials. In addition, it elaborates on the conventional and recombinant vaccines that are used in the veterinary medicines and the molecular approaches that have led to the development of new vaccines in recent years.  A volume focusing on the various water- and food-borne diseases and its impact on the domestic animals is also a part of this series.
The book series examines the emergence of antimicrobial resistance in livestock, ongoing global surveillance, and monitoring program, its impact on the animal-human interface and strategies for combating resistance.