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Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology

Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology

Editor-in-chief: Barrett, James E.
Series Editors: Flockerzi, V., Frohman, M.A., Geppetti, P., Hofmann, F.B., Michel, M., Page, C.P., Rosenthal, W., Wang, K.

Up to Volume 49 published as: Handbuch der experimentellen Pharmakologie. Ergänzungswerk / Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology. New Series

ISSN: 0171-2004

The Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology is one of the most authoritative and influential book series in pharmacology. It provides critical and comprehensive discussions of the most significant areas of pharmacological research, written by leading international authorities. Each volume in the series represents the most informative and contemporary account of its subject available, making it an unrivalled reference source.

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