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​Dr. Flavio Quintana is one of the leading marine conservation biologists in Patagonia. He completed the highest degree (Investigador Superior) for scientific researchers at the National Research Council for Science and Technology of Argentina (CONICET). Currently, he is Director of CONICET’s Instituto de Biología de Organismos Marinos (IBIOMAR) and the head of the Marine Top Predators Ecology Lab at IBIOMAR. Dr. Quintana completed his graduate and PhD studies at the Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires and was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Santa Cruz, USA. A number of national and international agencies, including the Wildlife Conservation Society and The Earthwatch Institute, have funded his research. Drs. Quintana’s main research interest is in the pelagic and movement ecology of marine mammals and birds along the Patagonian coast. His research has made important contributions to the scientific investigation of the ecosystem of the entire area, from the coastal headlands to the edge of the continental shelf. It has also yielded important directives on the conservation of the ecosystem, which is affected by coastal and offshore human activities at sea.

Dr. Luciano J. Avila is a Principal Researcher at the CONICET working at the Instituto Patagonico para el Estudio de Ecosistemas Continentales-CONICET. He completed his graduate studies at the Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto in 1990, his PhD at the Universidad Nacional de Tucuman in 1996, and postdoctoral stays at Brigham Young University (USA) in 2000-2004 and 2014-2016. His research is focused on systematic/taxonomy, phylogeny and natural history of the southern South America herpetofauna. He is the author or co-author of over 200 articles, as well as several book chapters on species limits, phylogenies, phylogeographies, bioinventories, biogeography, spatial ecology and natural history, chiefly on Patagonian herpetofauna.

Dr. Rolando González-José, PhD is a Principal Researcher at the CONICET and former Vice-Director (2008-2014) and Director (2014-2016) of the National Patagonian Center for Research (CENPAT). Currently, he is Director of the Patagonian Institute of Human and Social Sciences. He is also a former President of the Argentinean Association of Biological Anthropology (2009-2011) and Vice-President of the Latin American Association of Biological Anthropology. In 2017 he won the Houssay Prize in Social Sciences (Argentina). His research interests include the population genetics of both extinct and extant human groups, hominid craniofacial variation and evolution, the settlement of America, admixed human populations, hunter-gatherer populations, morphological integration, geometric morphometrics, and quantitative genetics. He has published more than 80 peer-reviewed articles in several journals including Nature, PNAS, and Nature Communications. The focus of his work is on the micro evolutionary events that took place during the settlement of the New World, as well as on the evolution of modern, admixed populations from Latin America. He maintains numerous collaborations with American, European, and Latin American colleagues.

Sandra J. Bucci is a member of the CONICET working at the Instituto de Biociencias de la Patagonia (CONICET – UNPSJB), and also teaches Conservation Ecology and Biophysics at the National University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco. She completed her graduate studies and PhD at the National University of Buenos Aires, followed by two post-docs at the University of Miami (USA). Her research interests concern the effects of climate change on ecosystems’ water balance, their ecophysiological and environmental controls, and the main processes involved: energy balance, transpiration, stomatal control, carbon assimilation, respiration and carbon transfer in the soil - plant - atmosphere continuum. She has conducted fieldwork in Brazil, Chile, Argentina (subtropical forests and Patagonian forests and steppes), the USA and China.  She has published over 50 peer-reviewed papers, several of them addressing physiological and ecological processes in Patagonian ecosystems.
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