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The book series Engineering Applications of Computational Methods addresses the numerous applications of mathematical theory and latest computational or numerical methods in various fields of engineering. It emphasizes the practical application of these methods, with possible aspects in programming. New and developing computational methods using big data, machine learning and AI are discussed in this book series, and could be applied to engineering fields, such as manufacturing, industrial engineering, control engineering, civil engineering, energy engineering and material engineering.

The book series Engineering Applications of Computational Methods aims to introduce important computational methods adopted in different engineering projects to researchers and engineers. The individual book volumes in the series are thematic. The goal of each volume is to give readers a comprehensive overview of how the computational methods in a certain engineering area can be used. As a collection, the series provides valuable resources to a wide audience in academia, the engineering research community, industry and anyone else who are looking to expand their knowledge of computational methods.

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  • Liang Gao,
  • Akhil Garg

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