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Flora Neotropica

Flora Neotropica

ISSN: 0071-5794

Since 1968, these monographic volumes have provided taxonomic treatments of families or other groups of plants or fungi growing in the Americas between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. The monographs are intended to be comprehensive, so most of them also include information on economic botany, conservation, phylogenetic relationships, taxonomic history, ecology, cytology, anatomy, and phytochemistry, among other topics. Each volume is illustrated with line drawings, black and white photographs, and distribution maps. This series is the official publication of the Organization for Flora Neotropica (OFN), an organization founded in 1964 with the mission of producing a published botanical inventory of the American tropics. The current OFN Executive Director is Wm. Wayt Thomas.

Flora Neotropica volumes 1–14 (1968–1974) were published by Hafner Publishing Company. Volumes 15–121 (1975 – 2019) were published by The New York Botanical Garden. All in-print volumes 1—121 are available exclusively through NYBG Shop:  https://www.nybgshop.org/nybg-press/books-in-series/flora-neotropica. Volumes 122 and going forward are available exclusively from Springer.