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Advances in Economic Botany

Advances in Economic Botany

Editor-in-chief: Vandebroek, Ina

ISSN: 0741-8280

Launched in 1984 by NYBG Press, Advances in Economic Botany (AEB) is an international forum for the publication of original book-length research papers, collections of papers, and symposia dealing with the use and management of plants. An interdisciplinary series designed to integrate pure and applied studies, the Advances series has found its readership among policymakers, teachers, researchers, and students of agronomy, anthropology, biology, botany, ecology, economic botany, ethnobotany, geography, and pharmacology.

Volumes 1-18 of AEB were published by NYBG Press: Ethnobotany in the Neotropics (AEB 1); The Life and Botanical Accomplishments of Boris Alexander Krukoff (AEB 2); Systematics and Economic Botany of the Oenocarpus-Jessenia (Palmae) Complex (AEB 3); Ethnobotany of the Chácobo Indians, Beni, Bolivia (AEB 4); Swidden-Fallow Agroforestry in the Peruvian Amazon (AEB 5); The Palm-Tree of Life: Biology, Utilization, and Conservation (AEB 6); Resource Management in Amazonia: Indigenous and Folk Strategies (AEB 7); New Directions in the Study of Plants and People (AEB 8); Non-Timber Products from Tropical Forests: Evaluation of a Conservation and Development Strategy (AEB 9); Selected Guidelines for Ethnobotanical Research: A Field Manual (AEB 10); Beyond Slash and Burn: Building on Indigenous Management of Borneo's Tropical Rain Forests (AEB 11); Medicinal Plants: Can Utilization and Conservation Coexist? (AEB 12); Várzea: Diversity, Development, and Conservation of Amazonia's Whitewater Floodplains (AEB 13); Ethnobotany of the Shuar of Eastern Ecuador (AEB 14); Ethnobotany and Conservation of Biocultural Diversity (AEB 15); The Amazonian Caboclo and the Açaí Palm: Forest Farmers in the Global Market (AEB 16); Bark: Use, Management, and Commerce in Africa (AEB 17); Vanilla Landscapes: Meaning, Memory, and the Cultivation of Place in Madagascar (AEB 18). Volumes 1-18 are available as printed books exclusively from NYBG Shop: https://www.nybgshop.org/nybg-press/books-in-series/advances-in-economic-botany. AEB volumes 16 and 18 are also available as e-books exclusively from NYBG Shop: https://www.nybgshop.org/nybg-press/digital-content/ebooks. AEB volumes 19 and going forward are available exclusively from Springer.