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Contributions from Biology Education Research (CBER) is the international book series of the European Researchers in Didactics of Biology (ERIDOB). The series includes edited collections of state-of-the-art papers presented at the ERIDOB international conferences, and monographs or edited collections of chapters by leading international scholars of the domain. The aim of the series is to shed light on global issues and trends in the teaching and learning of biology by gathering cutting edge research findings, theoretical views, and implications or concrete suggestions for everyday school practice regarding biology. The books may serve as resources for (a) getting informed about the most recent findings of biology education research to possibly integrate them in new personal research, and (b) studying about the teaching and learning of biology as a pre-service or in-service biology teacher. So, the main audiences for the series range from senior to early career biology education researchers and pre- or in-service biology teachers working at all educational levels. Book proposals for this series may be submitted to the Publishing Editor: Claudia Acuna E-mail: Claudia.Acuna@springer.com

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  • Marida Ergazaki,
  • Kostas Kampourakis

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