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New & Forthcoming Titles | New Paradigms of Living Systems

New Paradigms of Living Systems

New Paradigms of Living Systems

Series Editors: Behera, Basanta Kumara, Prasad, Ram

ISSN: 2662-348X

This book series aims at how traditional life sciences has developed its broad discipline as applied life science by interacting with the basic principle of physical sciences, engineering and medical sciences. Additionally, it also aims on how armed with deeper understanding of applied life sciences, the biotechnology companies have formed a growing number of formal and informal partnerships with researchers in government, academic to fulfil the significance of personalized health care products are to get the right application for the needy people  through the use of molecular diagnostic tests and targeted therapies.
The main objective of this book series is to display the main areas in: i) biologics a new challenge; ii) basic understanding of applied life sciences for product development , and manufacturing ; iii) microbial platform for innovative biomolecule production iv)biologics from host cells of mammal,  animal and plant cells; v) applied genetics vi) Biosimilar; vii) when quality meet confidence; viii) supply chain management of biologics, and ix) the future up gradation of host cells culture techniques at commercial level. 
This book series is a latest resource for a wide circle of scientists, students and researchers involve in understanding and implementing the knowledge on applied life sciences to develop biologics for proper health care to continue life in smooth and sustainable pattern without any adverse effect.