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New & Forthcoming Titles | Palgrave Studies on Global Policy and Critical Futures in Education

Palgrave Studies on Global Policy and Critical Futures in Education

Palgrave Studies on Global Policy and Critical Futures in Education

Series Editors: Thomas, Michael, Di Leo, Jeffrey R.

This transdisciplinary series investigates developments in the field of education in the age of neoliberalism, interrogating arguments and evidence for and against it as well as envisioning alternative educational futures. While much has been written about neoliberalism a key aim of the series is to explore and develop critical perspectives on how neoliberal and corporatist approaches have changed and impacted on educational institutions across all sectors, from schools to higher education, across the globe. The series engages with academics, researchers, curriculum developers, teachers, students and policy makers and provokes them to consider how neoliberal trends and values are affecting the direction of our educational institutions. Comparative studies with the US in particular as well as other prominent national and international contexts that have promoted these values will be encouraged alongside the UK, Australia and EU to identify the implications of recent policies, strategies and values on teaching, learning and research. Posing important questions and developing a critique around the need for evidence lies at the center of the series, which invites responses from advocates and proponents alike in order to shape an agenda which looks forward to making an impact on policy making. The series brings together a critical mass of evidence and aims to foster critical understanding and to understand the influence of neoliberal thinking on education in order to articulate alternative futures at this crucial moment when many professionals are deeply concerned about the developments taking place.

To submit a proposal, please contact the editors or commissioning editor:
Michael Thomas: m.thomas@ljmu.ac.uk and Jeffrey R. Di Leo: dileo@symploke.org
Milana Vernikova: Commissioning Editor, milana.vernikova@palgrave-usa.com