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This book series aims to provide details of blockchain implementation in technology and interdisciplinary fields such as Medical Science, Applied Mathematics, Environmental Science, Business Management, and Computer Science. It covers an in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology for advance and emerging future technologies. It focuses on the Magnitude: scope, scale & frequency, Risk: security, reliability trust, and accuracy, Time: latency & timelines, utilization and implementation details of blockchain technologies. ​While Bitcoin and cryptocurrency might have been the first widely known uses of blockchain technology, but today, it has far many applications. In fact, blockchain is revolutionizing almost every industry. Blockchain has emerged as a disruptive technology, which has not only laid the foundation for all crypto-currencies, but also provides beneficial solutions in other fields of technologies. The features of blockchain technology include decentralized and distributed secure ledgers, recording transactions across a peer-to-peer network, creating the potential to remove
unintended errors by providing transparency as well as accountability. This could affect not only the finance technology (crypto-currencies) sector, but also other fields such as:


Crypto-economics Blockchain

Enterprise Blockchain

Blockchain Travel Industry

Embedded Privacy Blockchain

Blockchain Industry 4.0

Blockchain Smart Cities,

Blockchain Future technologies,

Blockchain Fake news Detection,

Blockchain Technology and It’s Future Applications

Implications of Blockchain technology

Blockchain Privacy

Blockchain Mining and Use cases

Blockchain Network Applications

Blockchain Smart Contract

Blockchain Architecture

Blockchain Business Models

Blockchain Consensus

Bitcoin and Crypto currencies, and related fields

The initiatives in which the technology is used to distribute and trace the communication start point, provide and manage privacy, and create trustworthy environment, are just a few examples of the utility of blockchain technology, which also highlight the risks, such as privacy protection. Opinion on the utility of blockchain technology has a mixed conception. Some are enthusiastic; others believe that it is merely hyped. Blockchain has also entered the sphere of humanitarian and development aids e.g. supply chain management, digital identity, smart contracts and many more. This book series provides clear concepts and applications of Blockchain technology and invites experts from research centers, academia, industry and government to contribute to it.

If you are interested in contributing to this series, please contact msingh@endicott.ac.kr OR loyola.dsilva@springer.com 

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  • Dhananjay Singh,
  • Jong-Hoon Kim,
  • Madhusudan Singh

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