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New & Forthcoming Titles | Islam and Global Studies (About the Editor)

Islam and Global Studies

Islam and Global Studies

Series Editors: Abdelkader, Deina, Adiong, Nassef Manabilang, Mauriello, Raffaele

ISSN: 2524-7328

Deina Abdelkader is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Middle East Studies at Harvard University. Abdelkader is a Comparitivist and International Relations specialist. Her scholarly interests and research focus on the regions of the Middle East and North Africa. Her research topics are Comparative Democratization in the Muslim World, Islamic Activism, and the Role of Muslim Women in Religious Interpretation. She is the author of Social Justice in Islam (2000) and Islamic Activists: The Anti-Enlightenment Democrats (2011). Abdelkader is also one of two women on the Islamic Jurisprudential Council of North America (Fiqh Council of North America) and she is also part of the editorial board of the Digest of Middle East Studies. Abdelkader is a co-founder of the Research Cohort of Islam and International Relations, she is the co-editor of a forthcoming journal by Brill titled the International Journal of Islam in Asia, and the co-editor of two published books.

Nassef Manabilang Adiong is the founder of Co-IRIS (International Relations and Islamic Studies Research Cohort) and PHISO (Philippine International Studies Organization). He serves as an editor of International Journal of Islam in Asia, Islam and International Relations series, Islam in Southeast Asia series, and International Relations in Southeast Asia series. He works on theoretical research between Islam and International Relations, Muslim governance in the Philippines, and political interaction of Muslim societies with Western modernity. Nassef is assistant professor at the Institute of Islamic Studies (UP IIS), co-convenor of the Center for Integrative and Development Studies’ Islamic Studies Program (UP CIDS-ISP), and affiliate faculty member at the Center for International Studies (UP CIS) of the University of the Philippines Diliman. He authored and edited articles and books of topics and issues about ‘Islam and International Relations’.

Raffaele Mauriello is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Persian Literature and Foreign Languages, Allameh Tabataba'i University, Tehran (Iran), and an invited Lecturer at the Master's program in Geopolitics and Global Security at the Sapienza, University of Rome. Dr. Mauriello is a historian and linguist, specializing in International Relations, Islam, Iran, and the Hispanic World. He is the cofounder of Co-IRIS (International Relations and Islamic Studies Research Cohort) and serves as co-editor of the International Journal of Islam in Asia and the Islam and International Relations book series. In 2013, he was awarded The World Prize for the Book of the Year of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of Islamic Studies for his monograph on Descendants of the Family of the Prophet in Contemporary History: A Case Study, the Šī‘ī Religious Establishment of al-Nağaf (Iraq) (Fabrizio Serra editore-Rivista degli Studi Orientali 2011). He has translated from Persian into Italian the Civil Code of the Islamic Republic of Iran (2016) and The Rivulet of Moments: A Survey of Contemporary Persian Literature (2018). He co-edited the volumes Islam and International Relations: Contributions to Theory and Practice (2016) and Islam in International Relations: Politics and Paradigms (2018). Dr. Mauriello is a regular commentator on international affairs on television (BBC, HispanTV, PressTV, RussiaToday) and radio (Radio3Mondo, RSI, Radio24, RadioCusanoCampus, RNE).

Editorial Board:


Wael Hallaq, Columbia University, USA

Nader Hashemi, University of Denver, USA

Mir Zohair Husain, College of Arts and Sciences, University of South Alabama, USA

Peter Mandaville, Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University, USA

Nukhet Sandal, Center for International Studies, Ohio University, USA