About this book series

The book series Studies in Art, Heritage, Law and the Market provides an international and interdisciplinary forum for volumes that

  • investigate legal, economic, and policy developments related to arts, heritage, and intellectual property;
  • critically assess how and for whom art and heritage values come about;
  • promote novel forms of user engagement, participatory presentations, and digitalization of arts and heritage;
  • examine the processes that transform cultural objects and practices into arts and heritage; and
  •  highlight new approaches in preservation and conservation science.

The series addresses a need for research and practice in the fields of art, culture, conservation, and heritage including a focus on legal and economic aspects. It deals with complex issues such as questions of authenticity and provenance; forgery and falsification; the illicit trade, restitution, and return of cultural objects; the changing roles of museums; the roles of experts and expertise; and the ethics of the art market.

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  • Christoph Rausch
Series Editor
  • Rachel Pownall,
  • Ana Quintela Ribeiro Neves Ramalho,
  • Hildegard Schneider,
  • Vivian van Saaze,
  • Renée van de Vall,
  • Lars van Vliet,
  • Donna Yates

Book titles in this series

  1. Conservation of Contemporary Art

    Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice

    • Renée van de Vall
    • Vivian van Saaze
    • Open Access
    • Copyright: 2024

    Available Renditions

    • Hard cover
    • Soft cover
    • eBook
  2. Art Crime in Context

    • Naomi Oosterman
    • Donna Yates
    • Copyright: 2023

    Available Renditions

    • Hard cover
    • Soft cover
    • eBook

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