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New & Forthcoming Titles | The Indian Yearbook of Comparative Law

The Indian Yearbook of Comparative Law

The Indian Yearbook of Comparative Law

Series Ed.: Singh, Mahendra Pal

ISSN: 2524-7042

The Indian Yearbook of Comparative Law (IYCL) is a Springer series in the field of Comparative Law, a field which has evolved from being seen as methodology only, to a full-fledged substantive discipline of study. It comprises both public and private law. With the yearbook, editors and publisher make a significant contribution to the development of this highly significant branch of study. Although much work has been done in the discipline worldwide, references to Global South in the discourse is still on the margins. The series attempts to bring narratives from Global South to the forefront. It also simultaneously engages with scholars from Global North too with a view to generate interactive comparative discourse.

IYCL covers all areas of comparative law. The series engages with contemporary issues and also with issues of perennial importance. This series primes inter-disciplinary approach to the study of comparative law. The view of comparative law taken by IYCL encompasses both jurisprudential and functionality approaches of the discipline.