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From genome editing to deep learning, and from blockchain to quantum computing, the rise of emerging technologies poses a number of opportunities, threats and risks to society. Emerging technologies provide affordances to innovative products and services that can potentially revolutionize fields like medicine, transport and finance. They may also result, however, in unwelcome side-effects, unintended consequences and deliberate harms to particular groups and individuals, as well as entire systems and the environment. Questions about whether emerging technologies should be regulated at the national level, and how precisely governments should encourage and respond to them, are controversial. Precautionary approaches may discourage investment and make countries lose ground with respect to other economies. Permissive regimes may put consumers and natural environments at risk. Governments, business firms and the civil society are expected to play a role in (re-)designing how emerging technologies will be regulated, re-regulated and steered.

This series invites contributions on the intersection between technological development and the processes of promoting, steering and regulating the development and applications of emerging technologies. Books will address theoretical issues, such as what drives the development of new technologies, how new technologies reconfigure governance systems, and the effects of new technologies on democracy, accountability, efficiency, economic growth, justice, power, legitimacy, sustainability and inclusion. Empirically, the series welcomes contributions that address any area of emerging technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, control of sensor networks and Internet-of-Things, robotics, cryptocurrencies, renewable energy sources, nano-technologies, genetic therapies, smart cities, and the significance of space and technology to future development. 
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Series Editor
  • Edward Abbott-Halpin,
  • Carolina Aguerre,
  • Alberto Asquer,
  • Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn,
  • Maria Maia João

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