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The book series is aimed at providing an exchange platform for researchers to summarize the latest research and developments related to nature-inspired computing in the most general sense. It includes analysis of nature-inspired algorithms and techniques, inspiration from natural and biological systems, computational mechanisms and models that imitate them in various fields, and the applications to solve real-world problems in different disciplines. The book series addresses the most recent innovations and developments in nature-inspired computation, algorithms, models and methods, implementation, tools, architectures, frameworks, structures, applications associated with bio-inspired methodologies and other relevant areas.


The book series covers the topics and fields of Nature-Inspired Computing, Bio-inspired Methods, Swarm Intelligence, Computational Intelligence, Evolutionary Computation, Nature-Inspired Algorithms, Neural Computing, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Theoretical Foundations and Analysis, and Multi-Agent Systems. In addition, case studies, implementation of methods and algorithms as well as applications in a diverse range of areas such as Bioinformatics, Big Data, Computer Science, Signal and Image Processing, Computer Vision, Biomedical and Health Science, Business Planning, Vehicle Routing and others are also an important part of this book series.


The series publishes monographs, edited volumes and selected proceedings.

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  • Xin-She Yang,
  • Nilanjan Dey,
  • Simon Fong

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