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The Economic Research Series is a publication outlet for high quality research by the Institute of Economic Research (IER), Hitotsubashi University. The aims of the series is to provide general public, professionals, and academic researchers with the original, latest, and most advanced research achievements by the staff of IER.


Founded in 1940 with the objective of conducting “comprehensive research on the Japanese and the world economy,” IER has generated numerous outstanding research results. Notably, as one of the oldest and largest academic research institute in Japan, the IER has been playing a leading role in Japan through the development of outstanding databases on economics and society such as “Long-Term Economic Statistics Series” as well as advanced theoretical and empirical analyses and policy research directly connected to these data.


Since the first publication by Kazushi Ohkawa, The Growth Rate of the Japanese Economy, since 1878 in 1957, which has been praised as one of the most comprehensive analyses of Japanese economic growth, the Economic Research Series have published 44 volumes on various topics such as empirical analyses on Japanese economic growth, pensions in Asia, developments in India, and theoretical analyses on time series model.


Just before the beginning of the 21st century, IER added new missions, promoting original and cutting-edge research and establishing a joint research unit for members of the international research community, in addition to continuing its comprehensive economic research on Japan and the world. Every year, about 20 joint research projects are progressing in the joint research unit. The Economic Research Series will publish various research outputs of the joint research unit led by the staff of IER. 


The Economic Research Series aims to meet a growing need for the comprehensive study of economic issues in Japan and the world economy. It will cover a wide variety of topics, from purely theoretical issues to current policy agenda, from the macro economies to individual behaviors, and from historical analysis to cross-country comparisons. As a series as a whole, it is expected to provide new insights into the understanding of the economy and economics as well as obtain effective policy implications to enhance social welfare. 
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  • Takashi Kurosaki

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