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New & Forthcoming Titles | Palgrave Perspectives on Process Philosophy

Palgrave Perspectives on Process Philosophy

Palgrave Perspectives on Process Philosophy

Series Editors: Khandker, Wahida, Flanagan, Tim

ISSN: 2524-4728

The aim of this series is to provide monographs, edited collections and Palgrave Pivots from both established and early career scholars in Process Philosophy, with particular reference (but by no means exclusively) to the writings of Alfred North Whitehead, Henri Bergson, William James, and Charles Hartshorne.  The series aims to promote new writing in this area that is innovative, rigorous, and yet accessible to readers both within philosophy and beyond disciplinary boundaries.


The expected focus of the books falls roughly into three areas, though it is likely that these areas will overlap:


·         New readings of the major early twentieth-century process philosophers, Whitehead, Bergson, James, Hartshorne, et al, including studies of their influence on, or relevance to, contemporary philosophy


·         The roots of process philosophy in ancient and early modern philosophy, as well as hitherto unexplored affinities with thinkers in these eras


·         Future orientations: including cross-disciplinary explorations of the implications of process thought.  We are particularly interested in studies of intersections with the arts, architecture, environmental humanities, and the sciences, but projects proposing other disciplinary intersections will be welcomed.