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Crime and Justice in Digital Society offers an exciting new platform for theoretical and empirical works addressing the challenges and opportunities of digital society and the Internet of Things for crime, deviance, justice and activism. As digital technologies become progressively embedded into our everyday lives, so too are human-technological interactions embedded into everyday crimes, as well as in cultural representations and justice responses to crime. There is a need for scholarly examination of the ways in which shifts in digital technologies as well as socio-political and socio-cultural structures and practices, are producing and reproducing crime, justice and injustices in contemporary societies.


This new book series aims to publish and promote innovative, interdisciplinary, and forward thinking scholarship on crime, deviance, justice and activism in the context of digital societies. Both established and early career scholars are encouraged to submit proposals for research monographs or edited volumes. Crime and Justice in Digital Society is particularly welcoming of research that addresses issues of inequalities and injustices in relation to gender, race, sexuality, ability and/or class, as well as works that push the boundaries of conventional ‘cyber’ crime studies and engage with interdisciplinary frameworks from across criminology, sociology, studies of technology and society, media and cultural studies, politics, computer sciences and beyond.
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  • Anastasia Powell
Series Editor
  • Murray Lee,
  • Robin Cameron,
  • Gregory Stratton,
  • Lisa Sugiura

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