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New & Forthcoming Titles | Social Interaction in Learning and Development

Social Interaction in Learning and Development

Social Interaction in Learning and Development

Series Editors: Baucal, Aleksandar, Arcidiacono, Francesco

ISSN: 2662-5512

Studying social interaction in human mind and activities is highly relevant for different epistemological and theoretical approaches (e.g., individual constructivism, social constructivism, dialogical approach). Consequently, there is a growing number of social interaction studies in various contexts (family, educational, professional, clinical, institutional, social, political, and cultural settings) which are based on different theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches. This produces a multiplicity of findings which are highly relevant, both theoretically and practically - although weakly interrelated and seldom discussed together.The main aim of this book series is to create a space for continuous and systematic critical reflection of social interaction studies and their integration with a special focus on: (1) a detailed account of actors and processes involved in different types of situated social interaction, (2) situatedness of social interaction within sociocultural and sociomaterial contexts and how social interaction and contexts constitute and transform each other; (3) how properly designed social interactions can provide opportunities for learning and development (in formal, informal, non-formal education), and (4) how the individual person navigates within these social interactions.

The book series aims to support an argumentative and productive dialogue among different theoretical and methodological traditions, in order to enable a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

Editorial Board: 
Anne-Nelly Perret-Clermont, University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland);
Baruch B. Schwarz, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel); 
Charis Psaltis, University of Cyprus, Nicosia (Cyprus); 
Colette Daiute, City University of New York (USA);
Kristiina Kumpulainen, University of Helsinki (Finland);
Michèle Grossen, University of Lausanne (Switzerland);
Roger Säljö, Gothenburg University (Sweden);
Valérie Tartas, University of Toulouse (France)

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