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The media industries constitute an important sector of national and transnational economies; not only do they contribute significantly to the GDP of a country, they also serve cultural, political, and societal functions. Production conditions and the production output of the media industries are as much a result of their economic, cultural, political and societal environment as an influence on these spheres of life. 

The series features research that considers this duality, and it focuses on the influencing factors that shape the structures and output of the media industry on all levels. This includes research on the macroeconomic level of media markets and industries, including policies and regulations; research on the organizational level of managerial decision-making and challenges; as well as research on the individual level of media workers. We welcome transnational and interdisciplinary perspectives. 

The disciplines, approaches and theories applied may include (but are not limited to): media economics; political economy; media and creative industries studies; media policy studies; media management; organizational cultural theories; technology, creative and innovation theories; media and communication studies; audience and consumer theories; critical cultural media studies; professional cultural theories; and social psychology. All volumes in the series are peer-reviewed.

Series Editors:

M. Bjørn von Rimscha, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany

Ulrike Rohn, Tallinn University, Estonia

Advisory Editors:

Michel Clement, University Hamburg, Germany

Stuart Cunningham, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Ethel Pis Diez, University Austral, Argentina 

Gillian Doyle, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Tom Evens, Gent University, Belgium

Terry Flew, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Gregory Ferell Lowe, Northwestern University, Qatar

Richard Gershon, Wester Michigan University, USA

Min Hang, Tsinghua University , China

Mónica Herrero, University of Navarra, Spain

David Hesmondalgh, University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Indrek Ibrus, Tallinn University, Estonia

Rita Järventie-Thesleff, Aalto University, Finland

Amanda Lotz, University of Michigan, USA

Paul McDonald, King’s College, United Kingdom

Philip Napoli, Duke University, USA

Hele Sjøvaag, University of Stavanger, Norway

Petr Szczepanik, Charles University, Czech Republic

Patrick Vonderau, Stockholm University, Sweden

Steve Wildman, University of Colorado, USA

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Series Editor
  • Bjørn von Rimscha,
  • Ulrike Rohn

Book titles in this series

  1. Digital Peripheries

    The Online Circulation of Audiovisual Content from the Small Market Perspective

    • Petr Szczepanik
    • Pavel Zahrádka
    • Jakub Macek
    • Paul Stepan
    • Open Access
    • Copyright: 2020

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