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Bacilli in Climate Resilient Agriculture and Bioprospecting

Bacilli in Climate Resilient Agriculture and Bioprospecting

Series Editors: Islam, T., Rahman, M.M., Pandey, P., Boehme, M.H., Haesaert, G.

ISSN: 2524-5120

Microorganisms play an important role due to their presence all over the universe, and regulating biogeochemical systems in virtually all of our planet's environments. Among all microbes especially in prokaryotic genera, Bacillus spp. represents one of the most important unmapped pools of biodiversity with immense potential of applications in agriculture, industry and medicine. These Gram-positive spore forming bacteria are some of the most dominant groups that exist in various ecological niches on the earth due to their survivability in adverse environmental conditions by producing endospores. Recognizing the enormous potential of the bacteria in this genus, scientists all over the world have directed significant research towards selection and commercialization of the best organisms that may provide protection of plants from harmful microbes and/or enhance plant growth, produce industrially important enzymes, antibiotics, probiotics and other biochemicals. Innovative approaches are also being explored utilizing Bacillus mediated bioremediation of environmental pollutants such as pesticides, explosive wastes, dyes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Discovery of insecticidal toxin from Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) revolutionized insect pest management in many economically important crops by developing resistant crop varieties. Agricultural biotechnology that involves a wide range of insecticidal toxin producing genes from Bt has dominated the pesticide management research for last few decades. The emergence of resistant insect pests to Bt-based bioinsecticides and Bt-crops has created new challenges invoking more research on stacking resistant genes and further modifications of Bt toxin chemistries. While Bt transgenic crops are being released, questions on ecological aspects are getting louder provoking more research in this area. Genetics and genomics research on allied species of Bacillus has grown at a bewildering pace in the last decade. 

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