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The series Atmosphere, Earth, Ocean & Space (AEONS) publishes state-of-art studies spanning all areas of Earth and Space Sciences. It aims to provide the academic communities with new theories, observations, analytical and experimental methods, and technical advances in related fields. The series includes monographs, edited volumes, lecture notes and professional books with high quality.  The key topics in AEONS include but are not limited to: Aeronomy and ionospheric physics, Atmospheric sciences, Biogeosciences, Cryosphere sciences, Geochemistry, Geodesy, Geomagnetism, Environmental informatics, Hydrological sciences, Magnetospheric physics, Mineral physics, Natural hazards, Nonlinear geophysics, Ocean sciences, Seismology, Solar-terrestrial sciences, Tectonics and Volcanology.

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  • Wing-Huen Ip

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