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Identity in a Changing World

Identity in a Changing World

Series Ed.: Sinnott, Jan D.

ISSN: 2523-7802

The Identity in a Changing World book series explores the many facets of adult identity in a complex, global, rapidly changing, individual and social landscape and seeks to offer guidance on surviving and thriving in these changing environments. While humanity has always faced unparalleled (for that time) changes that impact identity, never before have information and interactions come at the current pace. This may include changes and demands in the conception of self, changes and demands coming from the local, national and global environment, and changes and demands from rapidly changing ideals and values. Contributors to the series come to it from many directions of scholarship and application, in an attempt to elucidate the many ways human psychology influences, among other things, politics, economics, values, ideals, relationships, selfhood, culture, and institutions. These explorations will culminate in suggestions for ways to mitigate the individual problems and distortions coming from a culture of rapid and confusing change. This series serves a general readership and college level students, as well as readers in many fields including researchers, practitioners, psychologists, educators, sociologists, political scientists, business administrators, philosophers, international relations experts, medical practitioners, and conflict specialists.