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Texts for Quantitative Critical Thinking (TQCT) is a series of undergraduate textbooks, each of which develops quantitative skills and critical thinking by exploring tools drawn from mathematics or statistics in the context of real-world questions. Topics are high sophistication, low prerequisite, offering students of all disciplines the opportunity to build skills in the understanding, evaluation, and communication of quantitative information. These are books about mathematical and statistical thinking, not computation and procedure. Each book explores an application or idea in depth, offering students in non-STEM fields a focused, modern context to develop quantitative literacy, while students with a technical background will gain a broader perspective to bridge beyond procedural proficiency. Books in Texts for Quantitative Critical Thinking develop writing and communication skills, which are essential to such cross-disciplinary discourse and are highly-transferable for students in any field. These titles are ideal for use in General Education courses, as well as offering accessible quantitative enrichment for an independent reader.
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