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The primary objective of the Innovative Renewable Energy book series is to highlight the best-implemented worldwide policies, projects, and research dealing with renewable energy and the environment. The books are developed and published in partnership with the World Renewable Energy Network (WREN). WREN is one of the most influential organizations in supporting and enhancing the utilization and implementation of renewable energy sources that are both environmentally safe and economically sustainable. Contributors to books in this series come from a worldwide network of agencies, laboratories, institutions, companies, and individuals, all working together towards an international diffusion of renewable energy technologies and applications. With contributions from most countries in the world, books in this series promote the communication and technical education of scientists, engineers, technicians, and managers in this field and address the energy needs of both developing and developed countries.

Each book in the series contains contributions from WREN members and covers the most up-to-date research developments, government policies, business models, best practices, and innovations from countries all over the globe. Additionally, the series publishes a collection of best papers presented during the annual and bi-annual World Renewable Energy Congress and Forum.

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  • Ali Sayigh

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