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Nano and biotechnology are two of the 21st century’s most promising technologies. Nanotechnology is demarcated as the design, development, and application of materials and devices whose least functional make up is on a nanometer scale (1 to 100 nm). Meanwhile, biotechnology deals with metabolic and other physiological developments of biological subjects including microorganisms. These microbial processes have opened up new opportunities to explore novel applications, for example, the biosynthesis of metal nanomaterials, with the implication that these two technologies (i.e., thus nanobiotechnology) can play a vital role in developing and executing many valuable tools in the study of life. Nanotechnology is very diverse, ranging from extensions of conventional device physics to completely new approaches based upon molecular self-assembly, from developing new materials with dimensions on the nanoscale, to investigating whether we can directly control matters on/in the atomic scale level. This idea entails its application to diverse fields of science such as plant biology, organic chemistry, agriculture, the food industry, and more.

Nanobiotechnology offers a wide range of uses in medicine, agriculture, and the environment. Many diseases that do not have cures today may be cured by nanotechnology in the future. Use of nanotechnology in medical therapeutics needs adequate evaluation of its risk and safety factors. Scientists who are against the use of nanotechnology also agree that advancement in nanotechnology should continue because this field promises great benefits, but testing should be carried out to ensure its safety in people. It is possible that nanomedicine in the future will play a crucial role in the treatment of human and plant diseases, and also in the enhancement of normal human physiology and plant systems, respectively. If everything proceeds as expected, nanobiotechnology will, one day, become an inevitable part of our everyday life and will help save many lives.

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