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S.M.A.R.T. Environments

S.M.A.R.T. Environments

Series Ed.: Biloria, Nimish

ISSN: 2523-8469

The book series will cover a broad spectrum of data-driven multivalence in the built environment. The individual volumes will set the stage for understanding multiple ways in which the exponential escalation of digital ubiquity in the contemporary environment is being absorbed, modulated, processed and actively used for enhancing the performance of our built environment.

S.M.A.R.T., is used as an acronym for Systems & Materials in Architectural & Urban Research and Technology, with a specific focus on investigating the intricate relationship between information systems and associative material formations at variable scales within the built environment. This is deeply rooted in exploring multi-domain research and design strategies involving nonlinear processes for developing data-driven generative meta-design systems.  This book series is relevant to the shaping our Built Environment and will explore novel design and research paradigms.

Chief Editor:

Nimish Biloria
University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), NSW 2007, Australia
Mobile: +61 (0) 434118426
email: Nimish.Biloria@uts.edu.au 

Editorial Board: 

Jane Burry
Swinburne University of Technology, Victoria, Australia
Phone:+61 3 9214 4677
Email: jburry@swin.edu.au 

Jaz Hee-jeong Choi
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
Phone: +617 3138 7657
Mobile:  +61 433 167 151
Email: h.choi@qut.edu.au 

Marcus Foth
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
Email: m.foth@qut.edu.au 

Tim Gammons
Arup, London, UK
Phone:+44 113 242 8498
Mobile: +44 7824 622 387 

Michael U. Hensel
AHO-Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway
Mobile: + 47 9179 1275
Email: Michael.Hensel@aho.no
OCEAN Design Research Association
OCEAN | SEA - Sustainable Environment Association
Email: chairman@ocean-designresearch.net

Rob Roggema
University of Technology Sydney, Broadway NSW, Australia
Phone: +61 2 9514 8852
Mobile: +61 4 2388 1377
Email: rob.roggema@uts.edu.au