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New & Forthcoming Titles | Security Informatics and Law Enforcement

Security Informatics and Law Enforcement

Security Informatics and Law Enforcement

Series Ed.: Akhgar, Babak

ISSN: 2523-8507

The primary objective of this book series is to explore contemporary issues related to law enforcement agencies, security services and industries dealing with security related challenges (e.g., government organizations, financial sector insurance companies and internet service providers) from an engineering and computer science perspective. Each book in the series provides a handbook style practical guide to one of the following security challenges:

Cyber Crime - Focuses on new and evolving forms of crimes. Books describe the current status of cybercrime and cyber terrorism developments, security requirements and practices.

Big Data Analytics, Situational Awareness and OSINT- Provides unique insight for computer scientists as well as practitioners in security and policing domains on big data possibilities and challenges for the security domain, current and best practices as well as recommendations.

Serious Games – Provides an introduction into the use of serious games for training in the security domain, including advise for designers/programmers, trainers and strategic decision makers.

Social Media in Crisis Management – explores how social media enables citizens to empower themselves during a crisis, from terrorism, public disorder, and natural disasters

Law enforcement, Counterterrorism, and Anti-Trafficking – Presents tools from those designing the computing and engineering techniques, architecture or policies related to applications confronting radicalisation, terrorism, and trafficking.

The books pertain to engineers working in law enforcement and researchers who are researching on capabilities of LEAs, though the series is truly multidisciplinary – each book will have hard core computer science, application of ICT in security and security / policing domain chapters. The books strike a balance between theory and practice.