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Textbooks on Political Analysis

Textbooks on Political Analysis

Series Ed.: Monogan, Jamie

ISSN: 2522-0373

This series introduces a wide array of topics in quantitative methodology for political science and international relations. In recognition of the high demand for quantitative skills in both the applied and academic political fields, Textbooks on Political Analysis fills the needs of faculty, students, and independent practitioners as they develop new skills or teach them to others. The books in the series are applied in nature and include exercises at the end of each chapter for readers to complete. Most books in the series focus on how to use software such as R or Stata, though some focus on theory and interpretations associated with methods with real data examples to supplement. Topics covered range widely from introductory undergraduate methods to advanced computational social science. Noteworthy subjects that these books will address include methods of causal inference, best practices for studying international events, ecological inference with electoral applications, survey research methods, and methods in
machine learning. Each book contains example data and software code, where
appropriate, as supplied by the authors. Ideally, an independent reader should
be able to follow the in-text examples without outside help and replicate the
author’s instruction.