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Multilingual Education Yearbook

Multilingual Education Yearbook

Series Ed.: Liyanage, Indika

ISSN: 2522-5421

The Multilingual Education Yearbook publishes high-quality empirical research on education in multilingual societies. It publishes research findings that in addition to providing descriptions of language learning, development and use in language contact and multilingual contexts, will shape language education policy and practices in multilingual societies.

The Multilingual Education Yearbook is highly relevant to researchers in language and education, language education professionals, and policy makers, covering topics such as:        
* The effects of multilingual education and literacy education on the maintenance and development of multilingualism.
* The effects of the introduction of English as a curriculum subject and/or medium of instruction upon multilingual and literacy education.
* The respective role(s) of vernaculars and 'local' languages, national languages and English in education, especially where the languages are of different language families, and scripts are different or languages lack an orthography.
* The role in multilingual education of other major languages such as Arabic, French, Hindi, Mandarin and Spanish.
* The effects of multilingual and/or English language education on school drop out and retention rates.
* The effects of the 'internationalization' of universities worldwide, potential privileging of the English language and of knowledge published in English.
* Bilingual/multilingual acquisition of non-cognate and 'different-script' languages.
* Takeholder attitudes toward notions of multilingualism and related notions of linguistic proficiency, standards, models and varieties.
* Critical evaluations of language policy and its implementation.