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Emerging Markets (EMs) exhibit a number of unique characteristics (i.e. unique challenges and opportunities) in terms of socio-economic, demographic, cultural, political, and regulatory. Examples of such unique challenges and opportunities includes diversity and fragmentation of markets, differential market growth rate in terms of urban vs rural, evolution of institutions, political instability, distinct cultural heritage, inherent corruption, and unusual technological diffusion trends. Unique characteristics of EMs makes this context different from developed countries, causing implications for both theory and practice. It necessitates substantial adaptations of theories developed and approaches employed in the Western world for investigating problems specific to such markets. As such, doing research in the EMs context for establishing new conceptual and theoretical paradigms from multidisciplinary perspectives is vital for making the global economy more equitable and sustainable.

This book series aims to publish scholarly work from a variety of disciplines (for example, information systems, electronic government, marketing, digital and social media marketing international business, human resources, public administration, entrepreneurship, operations and supply chain management, health care management, finance, accounting, economics, innovation, science policy, built environment, energy production and consumption, agriculture extension and management, biodiversity conservation and management, sustainable development) focusing on the issues prominent in Emerging Markets such as India, China, Brazil, Russia and South Africa in a book series.

The series will strive to publish conceptual, theoretical, and empirical works relating to the contexts of Emerging Markets. This series will contain four sub-series including: monographs, handbooks, edited volumes, and text books. The Research Monographs and Handbooks sections will focus on the state-of-the-art of both established and emerging topics specifically in the contexts of Emerging markets. Doctoral research produced from the institutions based in one of the EMs countries would also be considered for publication in the monograph category of the series. Monographs will be considered both in the form of relatively shorter pieces and traditional more extended works. This series would also encourage and invite academics and researchers to publish text books specific to EMs context.

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  • Yogesh K. Dwivedi

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