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This book series tackles prominent issues in MT at a depth which will allow these books to reflect the current state-of-the-art, while simultaneously standing the test of time. Each book topic will be introduced so it can be understood by a wide audience, yet will also include the cutting-edge research and development being conducted today.

Machine Translation (MT) is being deployed for a range of use-cases by millions of people on a daily basis. Google Translate and FaceBook provide billions of translations daily across many language. Almost 1 billion users see these translations each month. With MT being embedded in platforms like this which are available to everyone with an internet connection, one no longer has to explain what MT is on a general level. However, the number of people who really understand its inner workings is much smaller.

The series includes investigations of different MT paradigms (Syntax-based Statistical MT, Neural MT, Rule-Based MT), Quality

issues (MT evaluation, Quality Estimation), modalities (Spoken Language MT) and MT in Practice (Post-Editing and Controlled Language in MT), topics which cut right across the spectrum of MT as it is used today in real translation workflows.

For inquiries and submission of proposals please contact the Series Editor, Andy Way- andy.way@adaptcentre.ie

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