About this book series

This series will investigate contemporary insights in urban design theory and practice. Urbanism has considerably changed and developed over the years and is about to undergo a transformation moving into a new era.  

In the 1990’s and early 2000’s economic driven urban design was prevalent in many countries around the world.  Moving forward  it is no longer feasible to continue to develop in the same way and new ideas for creating urbanism are urgently required.

This series will publish titles dealing with innovative methods of urbanism including, sustainability driven urbanism, smart urbanism, population driven urbanism, and landscape based urban design.

The series will include books by top researchers and leaders in the fields of urban design, city development and landscape urbanism.  The books will contain the most recent insights into urbanism and will provide actual and timely reports filling a gap in the current literature.

The series will appeal to urbanists, landscape architects, architects, policy makers, city/urban  planners, urban designers/researchers, and to all of those interested in a wide-ranging overview of contemporary urban design innovations in the field.  

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  • Rob Roggema

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