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This peer-reviewed handbook series is the first-of-its-kind, rigorous, comprehensive and complete resource on workplace bullying, emotional abuse and harassment. The series editors and volume editors are internationally acknowledged experts in the field. The series is timely because of the critical mass of the extant literature and the anticipated increase in the incidence of the phenomenon worldwide in the context of neo-liberalism. Over the last 20 years, research attention on workplace bullying, emotional abuse and harassment has burgeoned across the globe, rendering the problematic into a substantive area in its own right. However, this is the first time that dispersed literature across the world has been brought together under one academic enterprise. The thematic handbooks in the series capture diverse strands, from explicating the construct, mapping prevalence and incidence, measurement and scales, causes and consequences, nature and effectiveness of interventions and discussing issues of subjectivity and power, to the more recent focus on category-based harassment, cross-cultural insights, cyberbullying and depersonalized bullying. They showcase the state-of-the-art of the field across the constituent topics, presenting holistic overviews and international perspectives, simultaneously highlighting emergent research questions, innovative interventions, the potential for new inquiries and solutions and unchartered avenues of scholarship and practice. The series as a whole therefore defines the direction of research in the substantive area. It is a one-stop guide for both novice and established scholars and interventionists.  Researchers and practitioners will gain from the availability of the robust and exhaustive reference books in this series specifically devoted to the phenomenon to anchor their endeavours.

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  • Premilla D´Cruz,
  • Ernesto Noronha

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