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·        Transactions on Intelligent Welding Manufacturing (TIWM) aims to present the latest global research findings and cutting-edge developments in intelligentized welding technology, which has become one of the hottest research directions in intelligent manufacturing. Intelligentized welding manufacturing (IWM) includes complex information, networking and intelligent technology throughout the entire welding manufacturing process, and concepts integrating the areas of welding materials, structures, techniques, processing, equipment, products and market analysis. The series also aims to accelerate the transformation of basic research into industrial applications.

The series provides a forum for scholars and engineers interested in recent research in artificial intelligence, control, robotics, mechatronics and information science applied to industrial and manufacturing processes, especially in welding processes. It is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary book series focusing on the development of intelligent modeling, controlling, monitoring, and evaluating and optimizing the manufacturing processes related to joining technology.

In addition to research work, the series TIWM features titles on new intelligentized methodologies and developments, case studies and surveys, as well as tutorials on topics related to:

l  Scientific theory of intelligentized welding manufacturing

l  Planning and optimizing of welding techniques

l  Virtual & digital welding /additive manufacturing

l  Sensing technologies for welding process

l  Intelligent control of welding processes and quality          

l  Knowledge modeling of welding process

l  Intelligentized robotic welding technologies      

l  Intelligentized, digitalized welding equipment

l  Telecontrol and network welding technologies   

l  Intelligentized welding technology applications

l  Intelligentized welding workshop implementation

l  Other related intelligent manufacturing topics


The Transactions on Intelligentized Welding Manufacturing is a peer-reviewed book series for the publication of

l  Edited works

l  Conference proceedings

l  Advanced textbooks

l  Research monographs

l  Professional books

l  Reference works

l  Collection of Essays

l  Commemorative Publication

l  Contributed volume

l  Manual

l  Monograph

l  Handbook

l  Laboratory Book

l  Reviews

l  Graduate/advanced undergraduate textbook

l  Other: Original research paper or report



Readership: Research scientists at universities and research institutions, engineers from industry and the application fields, graduate students and senior undergraduates.

The Peer review process:

1. Submission of Paper 2. Editorial Office Assessment 3. Appraisal by the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) 4. EIC Assigns an Associate Editor (AE) 5. Invitation to Reviewers 6. Response to Invitations 7. Review is Conducted 8. Series Evaluates the Reviews 9. The Decision is Communicated 10. Next Steps

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  • Shanben Chen,
  • Yuming Zhang,
  • Zhili Feng

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