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The Handbook Series in Occupational Health Sciences offers a unique opportunity to get acquainted with robust updated evidence on specific topics of key interest in occupational health research and practice. The series provides a venue for the large amount of significant recent scientific advances in research on occupational health due to the overriding importance of work and employment in developed and rapidly developing countries. The series is interdisciplinary, encompassing insights from: occupational medicine, epidemiology, ergonomics, economics, occupational health psychology, health and medical sociology, amongst others. Volumes in the series will cover topics such as socioeconomic determinants of occupational health; disability, work and health; management, leadership and occupational health; and health implications of new technologies at work and of new employment-related global threats. With a broad scope of chapters dealing with in-depth aspects of the volume’s themes, this handbook series complements more traditional publication formats in the field (e.g. textbooks; proceedings), using a new system of online updating and providing explanatory figures and tables. Written by an international panel of eminent experts, the volumes will be useful to academics, policy researchers, advanced students and high-level practitioners (e.g. consultants, government policy advisors).

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  • Kevin Daniels,
  • Johannes Siegrist

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