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This exciting new book series incorporates new areas of research and development with practical approaches and is designed to aid pharmacists up-skill in various new and traditional areas of practice that are applicable, but not limited to, hospital-based care, as well as incorporating the more advanced aspects of community-based care.

Advanced Clinical Pharmacy aims to publish titles that help intermediate level pharmacists see what further areas of practice need to be incorporated in to their skill set, as well as provide guidance on areas of expertise that they may wish to focus on for more advanced practice in the future. It also provides more advanced pharmacists with a tool for ensuring they are current and up-to-date in a wider range of topics, as well as in their chosen area of expertise. Additionally, it may provide newly registered pharmacists with guidance on what areas of practice they may aspire to work in.

The series will provide more comprehensive information that is also more focused than is typically found in traditional clinical pharmacy text books (which cover all topics in a single volume and typically cover a topic in one or two chapters). It will allow pharmacists to select topics that are more applicable to their individual areas of work, as well as areas that in the future they may wish to work in. Each volume will provide a summary of the main theory that underpins the topic, but will then move on to advanced information including areas of current research, clinical applications, case studies, practical tips, and common pitfalls. It will also look at future directions and also, where applicable, hints for the independent practitioner – in preparation for the advancement of pharmacists as more independent health professionals.

Titles in the series can be monographs (up to 3 authors) or edited volumes, ranging from 200-500 pages per volume. Each title will be published as ebook as well as in hard bound print format.

This  series will be of interest to a wide readership,  ranging  from intermediate level pharmacists, with experience of 3 to 5 years post-registration (for a bachelor’s degree) or experience of 2 to 3 years (for a PharmD), through to more advanced/senior clinical pharmacists. It is hoped that the information would also be of interest to pharmacists working in community-based care, who wish to increase their knowledge and skill, as well as hospital-based pharmacists.


The series may also be useful as educational tools for the teaching of pharmacists involved in both formal post-graduate education as well as more ad hoc workplace based programmes – however, different titles in the series may be more suitable for this than others.


Unique features

·        Offers  readers the ability to select the topics that are of interest to them and focus on their area of work/expertise

·        Provides the salient points of the background theory but then quickly moves on to more advanced knowledge that contains both current research as well as practical information in the context of cases (but not limited to case scenarios)

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  • Rhiannon Braund

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