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New & Forthcoming Titles | Advances in Studies of Aging and Health

Advances in Studies of Aging and Health

Advances in Studies of Aging and Health

Series Editors: Gu, Danan, Feng, Qiushi

ISSN: 2522-5146

This book series is a theme-driven compilation, publishing the latest international research findings by key topics upon roles of social, behavioral, psychological, and contextual factors in associating or determining health and wellbeing of older people, with biomedical components taken into consideration. It applies an internationally comparative perspective and a biopsychosocial framework to understand healthy, active, productive, and successful aging, in order to build up a comprehensive and practical source of knowl­edge for researchers and practitioners in the field of aging and health.

This book series publishes original studies and tracks new research progresses by the major topics in the field of aging and health; systematically reviews recent research advancements of new concepts, frameworks, and methodology; and frameworks; explores the aging issues through an interdisciplinary perspective, and provides fresh empirical findings and theoretical insights in an internationally comparative manner. The goal is to effectively disseminate new policies and intervention practices on aging, in order for the improve­ment of quality of life of older persons.

The major themes of this book series include but are not limited to disability, cognitive function, chronic diseases and conditions, happiness and psychological wellbeing, self-rated health, frailty, mortality, living arrangements and intergenerational transfers, retirement and pension reforms, financial health and poverty, elderly abuse and human rights, ageism, long-term care, end-of-life care, aging in place, environmental health, age‐friendly cities/communities, social participation, centenarian studies, big data in aging research, resilience and vulnerability, health life expectancies, active aging, successful aging, and healthy longevity.