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New & Forthcoming Titles | Religion and Human Rights

Religion and Human Rights

Religion and Human Rights

Series Editors: Ziebertz, Hans-Georg, Sterkens, Carl, Finke, Roger

ISSN: 2510-4306

This series investigates how religion can both challenge and contribute to a vibrant human rights culture in different national contexts, as well as in cross-national contexts. It offers empirical and theoretical perspectives on the different generations of human rights, and generates new knowledge on the connection between religion and human rights.

All religions claim that their ethical aspirations and moral duties contribute to the well-being and welfare of individual human beings, groups, and communities. This applies particularly to the golden rule which plays an important role in the ethical groundwork of all religious traditions, and which is also foundational for human rights. However, to what extent is this universal principle actually observed within and between different religions, within and between nations, and within the secular world? To what extent (if at all) do religions contribute to the realisation of human rights or to the prevention of violations of hum

an rights? This series addresses these questions by means of an empirical and comparative approach. Each volume focuses on specific human rights, and the first volume addresses such issues as freedom of religion, discrimination, religion and democratic values, rule of law, religious moral convictions and freedom rights.