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New & Forthcoming Titles | Themes in Economics - Theory, Empirics, and Policy

Themes in Economics

Themes in Economics

Theory, Empirics, and Policy

Series Editors: Jain, Satish Kumar, Moene, Karl Ove, Mukherji, Anjan

ISSN: 2730-5597

The series aims to publish monographs and edited volumes, both theoretical and empirical, with important policy implications, on topics of contemporary interest. Volumes in this series are envisaged to be one of the following kinds: 
(i) Research dealing with important economic theory topics; 
(ii) Rigourous empirical work on issues of contemporary importance; and
(iii) Edited volumes of selected papers, either dealing with a single topic of contemporary interest, or of papers presented in  economic theory conferences and workshops.

Collections of previously published papers, unless integrated into a connected text, are not encouraged.

Some of the topics of contemporary interest that are envisaged to be explored in this series are: 

  • poverty, 
  • income inequality, 
  • eminent domain (land acquisition in particular), 
  • some theoretical aspects of the functioning of the market mechanism, 
  • economic and social implications of affirmative action. 
The list is by no means exhaustive.