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Series Editors: M. Cecconi, D. De Backer

Lessons from the ICU is a Book Series published by Springer under the auspices of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM). The aim of the Series is to provide focused and state-of-the-art reviews of central topics in Intensive Care. Ultimately, its mission is to transfer the latest knowledge to the bedside in order to improve patient outcomes. Accordingly, the ESICM has also developed Lessons from the ICU with the vision or providing the best resources for everyone working in Intensive Care.

Each volume presents a comprehensive review of topical issues in Intensive Care. The volumes are intended to cover the majority of aspects that intensive care professionals are likely to encounter in the course of their career. Books offer an excellent guide for residents who are new to the ICU, and for allied professionals, senior consultants as well as nurses and allied healthcare professionals.

The chapters are organized in a way that allows the reader to quickly familiarize or reacquaint themselves with the pathophysiological background before moving on to diagnosis and treatment. Each chapter includes a list of Take Home Messages, as well as practical examples that apply theoretical knowledge in real clinical scenarios. Each volume in the Series is edited by international Key Opinion Leaders in Intensive Care, and each chapter is written by experts in the field.

In summary, this Series represents a valuable contribution to fill the gap in the current Intensive Care literature by providing top-quality literature reviews that can be easily digested and used at the bedside to improve patient outcomes.

Corresponding Series Editors and responsible for new book proposals: Maurizio Cecconi @ maurizio.cecconi@hunimed.eu,
Daniel De Backer @ ddebacke@ulb.ac.be
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  • Maurizio Cecconi,
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