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SpringerBriefs in Nonlinear Circuits promotes and expedites the dissemination of substantive new research results, state-of-the-art subject reviews and tutorial overviews in nonlinear circuits theory, design, and implementation with particular emphasis on innovative applications and devices. The subject focus is on nonlinear technology and nonlinear electronics engineering. These concise summaries of 50–125 pages will include cutting-edge research, analytical methods, advanced modelling techniques and practical applications. Coverage will extend to all theoretical and applied aspects of the field, including nonlinear electronic circuit dynamics from modelling and design to their implementation. Topics include but are not limited to:

•             nonlinear electronic circuits dynamics;

•             oscillators;

•             cellular nonlinear networks;

•             arrays of  nonlinear circuits;

•             chaotic circuits;

•             system bifurcation;

•             chaos control;

•             active use of chaos;

•             nonlinear electronic devices;

•             memristors;

•             circuit for nonlinear signal processing;

•             wave generation and shaping;

•             nonlinear actuators;

•             nonlinear sensors;

•             power electronic circuits;

•             nonlinear circuits in motion control;

•             nonlinear active vibrations;

•             educational experiences in nonlinear circuits;

•             nonlinear materials for nonlinear circuits; and

•             nonlinear electronic instrumentation.

Contributions to the series can be made by submitting a proposal to the responsible Springer contact, Oliver Jackson (oliver.jackson@springer.com) or one of the Academic Series Editors, Professor Luigi Fortuna (luigi.fortuna@dieei.unict.it) and Professor Guanrong Chen (eegchen@cityu.edu.hk).

Members of the Editorial Board:

Majid Ahmadi; Wayne Arter; Maide Bucolo; Adi Bulsara; Arturo Buscarino; Syamal K. Dana; Mario Di Bernardo; Alexander Fradkov; Mattia Frasca; Liviu Goras; Mo Jamshidi; Mario Lavorgna; Shin’ichi Oishi; Julien C. Sprott; Alberto Tesi; Ronald Tetzlaff; Mustak E. Yalcin; Simin Yu; Jacek M. Zurada

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