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This innovative series publishes current international research and instruction on the methodological and theoretical aspects of quantitative and computer simulations in socio-historical contexts. Books published in this series bring together theories, techniques and technologies from backgrounds such as history, ecology, archaeology, anthropology, geography and sociology, combining them with established methodologies from the computational and complex systems sciences in order to promote deeper understanding and collaboration within the study of past human behavior and history.

Situated at one of the most dynamic interfaces of the emerging field of digital humanities and hard sciences, this series covers existing and novel computational approaches in connection with the presentation of case studies from numerous regions of the world and all prehistoric or historic periods. Particular topics of interest include, but are not limited to: have applications of computational modeling in archaeology and history, social organization and change, as well as socio-cultural transmission and evolution.

The audience for all books within this series consists of researchers, professionals and academics.

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Computational Social Sciences
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  • Juan A. Barceló,
  • Tim Evans,
  • Ralph Kenna

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