About this book series

This book series is devoted to the growing body of studies that provide analytical insight for policy-making and implementation for bridging climate change adaptation, disaster management and development sectors. It is reflective on all aspects of the climate risk management process, including assessment, mapping, identification, communication, implementation, governance and evaluation of climate risks and management responses. 

Topics may span across global, national, regional, sectoral and local scales. The series invites multi-disciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches, combining insights from natural science, engineering and social sciences; emphasizing existing gaps, particularly in the area of decision-making, governance and international relations.

The series furthermore offers both theoretical and practical contributions, with the aim to further academic study and thinking, as well as advancing policy making and implementation of climate risk management processes and tools.

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Series Editor
  • Reinhard Mechler,
  • Swenja Surminski

Book titles in this series

  1. Loss and Damage from Climate Change

    Concepts, Methods and Policy Options

    • Reinhard Mechler
    • Laurens M. Bouwer
    • Thomas Schinko
    • Swenja Surminski
    • Open Access
    • Copyright: 2019

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