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New & Forthcoming Titles | Globalization, Urbanization and Development in Africa

Globalization, Urbanization and Development in Africa

Globalization, Urbanization and Development in Africa

Series Editors: Obadare, E., Kihato, C.W., Myers, G., Murray, M.

The series offers a fresh and unique perspective on globalization and development debates and intervenes in the understudied but increasingly important field of African urbanism.  Africa is one of the fastest growing arenas of urbanization in the world: it is in the cities of Africa where the interaction and confrontation with globalism, cosmopolitanism, and the future come into contact. This is an important series that is making significant contributions to the fields of African Studies, Development Studies, and Urban Studies, as well as to Geography, Sociology and Anthropology broadly.  The editorial board includes key senior scholars in these fields, and builds on the high quality foundations of the former Africa Connects series of books. Its original contribution comes from its focus on connections: between Africa and the rest of the world, within and between different parts of the continent, between development, globalization, and urbanism, between different forms of production (economic, cultural, etc.), to name a few.  The existing contributions represent path-breaking interventions into critical studies of development and globalization in African spaces and the future contributions and authors will only deepen this work. 


As African cities become ever more central to the future of the continent but also towards recalibrating theories of development and globalization, this series will only become more relevant and influential.  The current and future titles engage a wide geographical and topical scope that will appeal to a variety of scholars and students interested in the African continent.