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This interdisciplinary series brings together the most essential and captivating topics in the life sciences. They range from the plant sciences to zoology, from the microbiome to macrobiome, and from basic biology to biotechnology. The series not only highlights fascinating research; it also discusses major challenges associated with the life sciences and related disciplines and outlines future research directions. Individual volumes provide in-depth information, are richly illustrated with photographs, illustrations, and maps, and feature suggestions for further reading or glossaries where appropriate.

Interested researchers in all areas of the life sciences, as well as biology enthusiasts, will find the series’ interdisciplinary focus and highly readable volumes especially appealing.

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Book titles in this series

  1. Urban Bats

    Biology, Ecology, and Human Dimensions

    • Lauren Moretto
    • Brock Fenton
    • Krista J Patriquin
    • Joanna Coleman
    • Copyright: 2023
    • Published: 18 November 2022