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The Series aims to address evolving and new challenges and policy actions that may be needed in the South Asian Region in the 21st century.  It ventures niche and makes critical assessment to evolve a coherent understanding of the nature of challenges and allow/facilitate dialogue among scholars and policymakers from the region working with the common purpose of exploring and strengthening new ways to implement regional cooperation. The series is multidisciplinary in its orientation and invites contributions from academicians, policy makers, practitioners, consultants working in the broad fields of regional cooperation; trade and investment; finance; economic growth and development; industry and technology; agriculture; services; environment, resources and climate change; demography and migration; disaster management, globalization and institutions among others. 

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Series Editor
  • Sachin Chaturvedi,
  • Mustafizur Rahman,
  • Abid Suleri,
  • Dushni Weerakoon

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