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New & Forthcoming Titles | Computational Modeling of Energy Systems

Computational Modeling of Energy Systems

Computational Modeling of Energy Systems

Series: SpringerBriefs in Energy

Series Editors: Nagel, Thomas, Shao, Haibing

ISSN: 2570-1339

Computer aided engineering has become indispensable in all major engineering sectors to shorten development times, limit expensive testing, and understand technological working principles as well as failure mechanisms.

In science, virtual in silico laboratories play a very similar role and have become an important means to testing research hypotheses and running virtual experiments. Many of the world’s societies are currently transforming their energy systems to renewable energy sources, decentralized energy landscapes, and smart grids. The success of this transition is vital for the establishment of an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable future. The details of the future energy mix remain to be established and science must provide options for future energy systems along with the means to assess these options. Computer aided engineering and assessment capabilities for the novel components of those systems and the systems themselves need to be developed and new generations of engineers and scientist trained to use them effectively.

This subseries puts a spotlight on advanced computational and theoretical methods, tools, and frameworks for the design, analysis, optimization, and assessment of a diverse range of energy technologies and systems. The intention is to make the methods transparent and to allow engineers and scientists from different disciplines to enter the field of energy research enabling them to perform meaningful simulations for the advancement of clean and secure energy systems.

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