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Zurich Lectures on Multiphase Flow

Zurich Lectures on Multiphase Flow

Series Editors: Yadigaroglu, George, Banerjee, Sanjoy, Hewitt, Geoffrey F.

ISSN: 2569-2151

The series tracks critical research and engineering practice imparted through the Zurich Short Courses on Multiphase Flows. Multiphase flows occur in very many situations of industrial importance, including conventional or nuclear power plants, the oil and gas industry, chemical processing plants; as well as in biomedical applications. Understanding the basic laws governing the behavior of multiphase flows—such as flows of air and water, steam and water, oil and natural gas—, and producing methods, tools, codes, and best practices capable of predicting their behavior are crucial to engineering in these areas. The Zurich Lectures on Multiphase Flows brings together concise volumes that cover the field starting from the very fundamentals, such as void fraction, pressure drop, and heat transfer in multiphase flows; governing equations, closure laws, phenomenological modeling, correlations, experimental techniques, to the more advanced and specialized topics including non-equilibrium flows, instabilities, numerical methods for multiphase flows, applications to multiphase flows in nuclear power plants, in the oil-and-gas industry, and related technologies. The monographs appearing in the Zurich Lecture Series comprise a critical knowledge base particularly relevant to a range of engineering and scientific problems in industrial/commercial R&D, facility operation/optimization, product quality assurance, as well as in academic/ biomedical research settings.

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